Optimized logistics for biogas production

Last changed: 09 January 2013

Biogas has a unique potential to reduce fossil fuel dependency and the climate impact from waste, manure and fuel supply. However, planning for biogas production is a complex task and new tools for logistics optimization are required, so that more profitable opportunities can be identified.

The purpose of this project was to generate knowledge and tools that can improve the conditions for new biogas production. The specific objectives were to promote logistics experiences from existing facilities, to develop an optimization model for strategic planning, and to apply the model  in a concrete case study in Enköping (Scandinavian Biogas).

The project was implemented in the following phases: a systematic review, model development and a case study where optimized solutions were developed and analyzed. Case study results generate direct benefits while general conclusions and tools can be used in strategic planning and further research.

The final report of the project can be found at the f3 centre

Project leaderDavid Ljungberg

Participants: Alfredo de Toro (SLU), Carina Gunnarsson (JTI)

Partner OrganisationScandinavian Biogas Fuels

Funding: The project is funded by f3 Centre (Swedish Knowledge Centre for Renewable Transportation Fuels / Svenskt kunskapscentrum för förnybara drivmedel)