Image analysis as a tool for site-specific weed control

Last changed: 05 November 2021

This is a joint project with Thomas Börjesson at Lantmännen, Mats Söderström at SLU in Skara, Niklas Lorén at SIK and Johan Nilsson at SLU in Alnarp. The aim is to evaluate a system for site-specific weed control whereby within-field variations in weed density can be estimated using an image analysis method. This method finds and estimates the amount of weeds in an image by locating the crop rows and looking for weeds between the rows. The method for weed discrimination also analyses the shape and size of plants and leaves. The system has been used for site-specific weed control in Skara and in Västergötland. The project is being funded by SLF (Swedish Farmers' Foundation for Agricultural Research), the SL Foundation and Partnership Alnarp.

Contact: Anders Larsolle