Sustainable nitrogen fertilizers based on renewable resources

Last changed: 05 November 2021

The production of mineral nitrogen is at present based on fossil fuels, giving large emissions of greenhouse gases. The production of nitrogen is often a big post in the carbon footprint of food and biofuels. However, mineral nitrogen can be based on renewable energy. In this project, an academic collaboration between The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Lund University and University of Minnesota will be commenced. Research on “green nitrogen” is already being conducted by all partners, and at present a wind-to-ammonia demo plant is built in Minnesota.

The aim of this project is to exchange knowledge, bringing synergy effects for all partners, but also to conduct a life cycle assessment of green nitrogen which we will publish in a scientific journal. This is an application within the bilateral cooperation agreement between Sweden and the USA.

The project was financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.

External partners are Lund University and University of Minnesota.