Cost-effective and sustainable storage of chiped forest residues and solid byproducts

Last changed: 20 August 2020

The project will demonstrate methods for cost-effective and sustainable management during storage of unprocessed forest residues, with minimised risk of self-ignition.

The effects of product-adapted sorting of the raw material combined with innovative storage methods are studied, in large-scale storage experiments, with regard to the physical, chemical and thermochemical characteristics, storage conditions and the sustainability of storage systems based on a life-cycle perspective. The project's design allows generalisation of the results and increases knowledge about smart storage systems that allow minimisation of losses, opportunities for value optimisation of the raw material while simultaneously achieving high environmental-, energy- and cost-effectiveness. Increased storage capacity allows for uniform utilization of forest resources, which reduces cost throughout the production chain, which may increase the interest and utilization of forest biomass.


Project timetable:  2018-06-01-2021-12-31

Funders: Energimyndigheten, AB Fortum Värme samägt, E.ON Värme Sverige AB (SE), SCA Energi AB, Södra Skogsägarna ek för

Project partners: RISE, Skogforsk

Participants from SBT: Erik Anerud, Dan Bergström, Mehrdad Arshadi, Leif Westerlund

Project budget: 7 939 000 SEK