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Last changed: 26 October 2022

The Department of Forest Biomaterials and Technology (SBT) was formed on January 1st, 2013 by a merger of the Biomass Technology and Chemistry Department, Forest Technology at the Department of Forest Resource Management, and parts of the Department of Forest Ecology Management.

Our department, in line with SLU's strategy, is investing in the subject of forest science, with the aim of highlighting education and research on the innovative use of biofuels to replace fossil raw materials.
Below you will find contact information and directions to us.

Contact information

Visiting address SBT Skogsmarksgränd  Plan 2 och 3 901 83 Umeå

Visiting address BTC Verkstadsgatan 22  904 32 Umeå  

Visiting address TRV Vallvägen 9C-D 756 51, Uppsala

Head of the department

Mikael Thyrel (Mikael Thyrel,  090-786 87 74)

Deputy Head of Department

Carola Häggström (carola.haggstrom@slu.se) +46(0)90-786 86 13

Assistent Head of Department,  in charge of undergraduate education

Emanuel Erlandsson (emanuel.erlandsson@slu.se, telefon; Phone:  +46(0)90-786 8437)

Assistent Head of Department in charge of postgraduate education

Dan Bergström (dan.bergstrom@slu.se,  +46(0)90-786 82 14

Director BTC

Magnus Rudolfsson (magnus.rudolfsson@slu.se) +46(0)90-786 81 78

Department Economist

Jenny Högström (jenny.hogstrom@slu.se,  +46(0)90-786 87 30

Kristina Åberg (kristina.aberg@slu.se) +46(0)90-786 83 54

Department administrator

Malin Sandberg (malin.sandberg@slu.se) +46(0)90-786 82 31

Find us here

SLU Umeå is mostly located at the university campus in Umeå.
To SLU in Umeå: by airport bus, by local bus from Vasaplan in Umeå city center (stop Universum or Växthuset).

SLU in Uppsala is located in the area Ultuna about 6 km south of Uppsala center. The visiting address for the Department of Wood Science is Vallvägen 9C-D