SBT's strategy

Last changed: 08 September 2017

We supply society and industry with unique knowledge, tools and expertise to further develop a forest-based bioeconomy, a sustainable and carbon-neutral way to secure society’s future.

Our strategic impact areas:

  • A bio-based economy that generates environmentally friendly business activities and far-reaching well-being to society
  • Sustainable and cost-effective supply and use of biomass resources especially from forests
  • Safe working conditions and functional business environment in forestry
  • Research and industry relevant characterization of biomass and biomaterial properties
  • Efficient biomass conversion into materials, bioenergy and other consumer products
  • Supply of expertise to the forest sector at the graduate and postgraduate level.

Our strategic objectives:

  • SBT is THE biomass feedstock partner for research, development and innovation in biomaterial supply for present and future biobased industries, especially in thermal and biochemical conversion 
  • SBT has unique knowledge and develops intelligent tools in biomass production, in forest operations and in the feedstock and industry process interface 
  • SBT has state of the art laboratories and equipment for pre-processing, characterization and densification of biomass
  • SBT can design experiments in all scales and create models for optimization of biomass supply and conversion
  • SBT supplies society with unique expertise, essential to attain an effective transition to a forest-based bioeconomy.

Mission statement

SBT is an academic education and research unit, with focus on forest biomass feedstock supply and conversion, that supplies expertise and develops knowledge-based solutions and services primarily to the forest sector but also to society in general when bioeconomy is to be attained.


Michael Finell, Head of Department, Ass. professor
Department of forest biomaterials and Technology, SLU, +46907868796, +46705338757

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