Last changed: 31 May 2022

LIFE20 ENV/UK/000329 - LIFE B3 FURN - Bio-based binder for furniture: Fibreboard production with microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) as binder

The LIFE B3 FURN project aims at demonstrating to the industry and policy makers that a drastic waste reduction and GHG emission savings can be achieved in the furniture and construction sectors. The innovative concept proposed by the project, i.e. making recyclable formaldehyde-free wood-based panels for furniture and construction, the B3 Board, using the bio-based FiberLean® MFC as binder, has been proven for the first time by FLTL and SUN at pilot scale (TRL6). In LIFE B3 FURN, partners will scale-up and upgrade the current process to demonstrate the technical and commercial viability of the solution and showcase its dramatic environmental, social and economic advantages. In order to achieve this goal, the following objectives have been defined:

1) To demonstrate the scalability of the technology, by installing a
demonstration plant producing 950k sqm/yr of B3 Board with the surface quality equal to the traditional MDF.

2) To optimise the B3 Board upgraded production process, by defining and
fine-tuning the optimal process parameters to run the demonstration line in order to deliver B3 Board with required mechanical properties (according to EN 622) whilst maximising throughput and minimising cost, progressing from TRL6 to TRL8.

3) To validate the B3 Board performances under an end-use perspective,
assessing B3 Board properties, confirming the surface compatibility of B3 Board with high-grade treatments required by the furniture market (e.g. lamination, veneering and lacquering), and demonstrating the B3 Board usability as a furniture component.

4) To validate the life cycle sustainability of the B3 Board production
process, assessing all the environmental benefits associated with the LIFE B3 FURN project by means of a LCA (according to the PEF method) considering a broad range of impact categories covering potential GHG emissions, depletion of resources and eco- and human toxicity aspects.

5) To ensure continuation, replication and transfer of the project results,
by engaging relevant stakeholders, outlining and implementing a sound
commercialisation strategy, and developing an updated version of the business plan for the full-scale commercialisation of the solution.

6) To increase awareness of the LIFE B3 FURN solution among general
public, policy makers and the whole furniture and construction industries,
focusing on the environmental, social and economic benefits as well as on the technical feasibility of the LIFE B3 FURN process.



Project timetable: 2021-09-01 - 2024-08-30

Name of the coordinating beneficiary: FiberLean Technologies Limited

Name of the associated beneficiary: Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet,  Sundeala Limited, ALFA WOOD GROUP AEVE

Participants from SBT: Stergios Adamopoulos

Total project budget: 3 478 885 EUR

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