Safety Windows

Last changed: 16 August 2021

The forest machine's windows are part of the cab's protective barrier. Polycarbonate plastic windows possess very good strength properties and pass the various tests required for forestry machines. Nevertheless, it happens that the safety windows break, even in situations where they should normally hold. Several incidents have occurred, as well as serious accidents with severe injury to the driver.

The reasons why the safety windows unexpectedly fail are not fully known, although the failures can be reduced through proper maintenance of the windows and through safe working methods. To understand and solve the problems with broken windows, there is a need for more data on the defects that occur. That is why we are now collecting data on defective windows from Sweden, Norway and Finland.

You who own or drive a forestry machine can help by reporting when you have changed windows on your machine, regardless of whether the change is due to normal wear, misuse or accidents. Feel free to report any damaged or destroyed window. The web survey is simple and only takes a few minutes to fill in

The project is in collaboration with Skogforsk and TSG (Tekniska Samverkansgruppen), Skogkurs (Norway) and Metsäteho (Finland). There is also an information leaflet on Skogforsk's website with general advice on how to reduce the risk of accidents due to a broken safety window.



Project timetable: 2020–2021

Finanser: SLO-fonden

Partners: The project is a collaboration between SLU and Skogforsk, with Rolf Björheden at Skogforsk as project manager.

Project budget: 323 000 SEK

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