Last changed: 13 April 2021

On September 1, 2017 the project Forest residues for combined edible mushroom and biofuel production (COMUSH) started. The project is part of the innovation project "BioEconomy 2.0 - Better Valorization of Residual Flows" as one of six sub-projects.

This proposal is to develop an innovative industrial and value chain - using forest residues as substrate for mushroom production and then recycling the spent mushroom substrates (SMS), after harvesting mushrooms, as feedstock for advanced biofuel production through sugar platform.

Our proposal is stemmed from fundamental findings from previous projects, from which the key and innovative processes have been developed. These innovations may save at least 40% of the energy for mushroom production and 30% of the costs for producing cellulosic ethanol compared with those similar industries around the world, in addition to a considerable reduction of environmental problems and investment costs. This project has a great potential to be developed as a new and competitive industrial value chain in both domestic and international market of both edible mushroom and biofuel products.

This project shall result in suggestions of technical solutions (substrate recipes, process integration, parameters, operational conditions) that have to be good for not only mushroom production but also biofuels through sugar platform. To evaluate the sustainability and enable a decision making, there will be economic and environmental assessments as well as policy analysis.

Final report CoMush

CoMush in media


Project timetable: 2017-09-01- 2020-08-31

Participants in the project: Umeå University, ProcessIT Innovations, Biosteam AB, Valutec AB, SCA Obbola AB, SCA Munksund AB, Svampkungen AB, Swedfungi AB, Umeå Energi AB, Hällnäs Handelsträdgård AB, Cathaya Co Sweden AB and Svenska Svampodlar-föreningen

Project budget: 8 983 000 SEK  (4 131 000 SEK from National Strategic BioInnovation Program co-financed by VINNOVA, Energy Agency and FORMAS)


Shaojun Xiong, Associate Professor
Department of Forest Biomaterials and Technology, SLU, 090-786 87 78, 070-583 38 88