About Tolerant Tree

Last changed: 05 February 2024
Yellow boxes with small pine seedlings outdoors. Photo.

Tolerant Tree is a network that supports collaboration and knowledge-sharing between forest geneticists, pathologists and entomologists across the Nordic countries. Our objective is to support development and implementation of good practices for use and management of forest genetic resources to benefit Nordic societies.

The project's full name is Genetics and management for stress tolerant trees for the future climate" and is part of SNS (Nordic Forest Research, or SamNordisk Skogsforskning).

Tolerant Tree's activities is based on the understanding of:

  • Pest and disease management in a future climate using integrated pest management principles. This comprises risk assessments, studies on preventive and control measures of economically important and emerging pest or pathogens, studies on the tree microbiome and its role for tree health and productivity.
  • Genetic improvement of Nordic forest trees. This area involves, but is not limited to , studies on genetic variation in biotic and abiotic stress tolerance and its use, effective breeding for multiple traits and interactions between traits
  • Genetic deployment. Studies on adaption, deployment zones; assisted migration; effective vegetative propagation and genetic selection techniques
  • Genetic management of Nordic forest trees This may involve studies on epigenetics, genetic diversity, gain vs diversity, interactions between resistance and other desirable traits


Dr Malin Elfstrand

Project coordinator of Tolerant Tree
Senior Lecturer at the Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology
Malin.Elfstrand@slu.se, +4618-671579