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Last changed: 14 February 2024
A man in a blue jacket and a woman in a red jacket stand in a forest and look closely at pine needles. Photo.

See films and read popular science articles on development and implementation of good practices for use and management of forest genetic resources.

Films from Tolerant Tree

  • Researcher presentation: Melissa Magerøy
    The molecular plant biologist Melissa Magerøy from NIBIO talks about her research on spruce defense against pathogens. She also talks about how we can reduce our dependency on pesticides in the forest production industry.
  • Reseracher presentation: Malin Elfstrand
    The forest pathologist Malin Elfstrand from SLU talks about her research about trees and their diseases. She build models that can be used to predict which trees will get sick and which might be able to stay healthy.

Popular science articles

Films on pathogens, methods and collaboration

This material is from a previous network that led to Tolerant Tree.


Dr Malin Elfstrand

Project coordinator of Tolerant Tree
Senior Lecturer at the Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology
Malin.Elfstrand@slu.se, +4618-671579