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EAAE Seminar 168: Behavioural Perspectives in Agricultural Economics and Management

February 6-7, 2019 at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Ultuna Campus, Uppsala, Sweden

Welcome to attend the EAAE seminar nr 168: Behavioural Perspectives in Agricultural Economics and Management

The seminar addresses these questions by an exchange of current ideas and knowledge related to the effect of human personal characteristics, values, rationality, attitudes, emotions, goals, cognition etc. on production and consumption decisions. Such insights are important for the advancement of the academic field of agricultural economics and management, but also for the formulation of efficient and effective public and private policy schemes, advisory support, and measures to affect production and consumption choices. The seminar is primarily targeted towards researchers in the field, but we also welcome stakeholders from policy and business.

We gratefully acknowledge that the implementation of this seminar has obtained funding from the Swedish research council Formas, www.formas.se.


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