Alumni network at the Department of Economics

Last changed: 28 November 2023

Welcome to the Department of Economics page for alumni! Here, we want to have contact with all of you who have taken courses and programs at the department and find ways to interact with you – in ways that are rewarding for both you and us.

The goal is to send out a newsletter to all alumni a few times a year, so that you can follow what is happening at the department. Registration for the alumni network is done via this website: SLU Alumni Network | Externwebben

At the end of the spring semester, the so-called 'Thesis Day' was held on Wednesday May 25, between 13.00 and 14.30. Students who had written their theses had made posters and prizes were awarded to the best posters. In addition, a rose was awarded to all students who graduated, see:

Thesis Day will also be arranged during the spring semester of 2024, this time on Friday May 24 in the afternoon. Keep a lookout for more details in the information text sent out by Karin Bennmarker at the Division of Educational Affairs, who is the Alumni Coordinator.

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Karin Hakelius
Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences