Discontinued courses 2022

Last changed: 13 September 2022

The Programme Board of the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Science has decided on 14 March 2022 to discontinue some of our courses that are no longer active. According to the transitional rules, the Department will offer at least three resits and also at least one opportunity to fulfill compulsory components until 13 March 2024.

To do a resit or complete a compulsory component you need to register to a so-called activity session in Ladok Student. You log in to Ladok Student with your SLU student account through the Student web: https://student.slu.se/en/.  If you have trouble logging in to your account, contact support@slu.se. 

The activity session will be announced in Ladok Student at least 8 weeks before the day of examination. Registration is required and is open until 10 weekdays before the examination date. We do not make any late registrations. 

If you have been granted targeted study support you can apply for special arrangements no later than 15 weekdays before the day of the exam. Follow the instructions in the activity session of the course. 

Our discontinued courses will have different examination dates, therefore it is necessary for you to check out the information available in Ladok Student and sign-up for the re-examination in time.  

The last chance to attend resits or finish compulsory components will be offered well before 13 March 2024. Therefore, it is important to not miss the activity sessions that are published in Ladok Student if you wish to complete your course. 

You are welcome to contact econ-edu@slu.se if you have any questions. 


The following courses were discontinued on 14 March 2022: 


Business administration 

FÖ0271 Quantitative Finance - Theory and Applications, 15 credits 

FÖ0309 Ethics, 5 credits 

FÖ0360 Environmental and Social Responsibility Marketing Management, 15 credits 

FÖ0362 Production Economics, 15 credits 

FÖ0377 Marknadsföring, 10hp 

FÖ0381 Företagsekonomi, 5hp 

FÖ0387 Supply Chain Networks, 10 credits 

FÖ0388 Ekonomistyrning I, 15hp 

FÖ0389 Ekonomistyrning IIa - företagsstyrning, 5hp 

FÖ0390 Ekonomistyrning IIb - extern redovisning, 10hp 

FÖ0391 Entreprenörskap och företagsutveckling - organisationsteori II, 10hp 

FÖ0392 Företaget och omvärlden - organisationsteori I, 10hp 

FÖ0394 Grundläggande företagsekonomisk metodkurs, 5hp 

FÖ0395 Mikroekonomi IIa - ett företagsperspektiv, 5hp 

FÖ0396 Cooperatives and Other Agri-Food Systems, 5 credits 

FÖ0397 Environmental Risk Management and Assessment, 5 credits 

FÖ0398 Research Methods - Master Level, 10 credits 

FÖ0411 Perspectives on management and leadership, 15 credits 

FÖ0418 Företaget och omvärlden – Organisationsteori I, 15hp 

FÖ0420 Value Chain and Networks in the Bio-economy, 10 credits 

FÖ0427 Grundläggande företagsekonomisk metodkurs - distans, 5hp 

FÖ0429 Marknadsföring för ingenjörer, 10hp 

FÖ0437 Företagande 1, 7.5hp 

FÖ0450 Företagsekonomi, 5hp 

FÖ0451 Quantitative finance, 15 credits 

FÖ0452 Marknadsföring för ingenjörer, 5hp 

FÖ0456 Production economics, 15 credits 

FÖ0458 Production economics, 15 credits 

FÖ0463 Industriell ekonomi och hållbar innovation, 5hp 



NA0116 International Food System Analysis, 7.5 credits 

NA0117 Jordbruks- och miljöekonomi, 10hp 

NA0120 Miljöekonomisk översiktskurs, 5hp 

NA0126 Applied Demand and Supply Analysis, 7.5 credits 

NA0127 Econometrics, 7.5 credits 

NA0133 Makroekonomi, 10hp 

NA0139 Probability Theory and Statistical Inference, 7.5 credits 

NA0140 Topics in microeconomics, 7.5 credits 

NA0142 Time Series Analysis, 7.5 credits 

NA0161 Econometrics and Programming, 10 credits 

NA0162 Mikroekonomi IIb - ett samhällsperspektiv, 5hp 

NA0163 Mikroekonomi I, 10hp 

NA0164 Microeconomics III, 10 credits 

NA0166 Applications in Agricultural and Environmental Economics, 5 credits 

NA0174 Mikroekonomi med tillämpningar – med matematik för ekonomer, 15hp 

NA0175 International Food System Analysis, 7.5 credits 

NA0178 Experimental methods for economics and business studies, 7.5 credits 

NA0186 Behavioural economics, 3 credits 



Independent project 

EX0537 Independent Project/Degree Project in Economics E, 30 credits 

EX0540 Självständigt arbete i nationalekonomi C, 15hp 

EX0541 Independent Project/Degree Project in Economics D, 30 credits 

EX0582 Independent Project /Degree Project in Economics D, 15 credits 

EX0779 Independent Project/Degree Project in Business Administration (A1E) 

EX0780 Independent Project/Degree Project in Business Administration (A1E), 30 credits 

EX0782 Independent Project/Degree project in Business Administration - Master´s thesis (A2E), 30 credits 

EX0783 Självständigt arbete i företagsekonomi (G2E), 15hp 

EX0784 Independent Project in Business Administration - Master´s thesis, 30 credits 

EX0805 Magisteruppsats - företagsekonomi (A1E), 15hp 

EX0806 Självständigt arbete i företagsekonomi (A1E), 30hp 

EX0807 Independent project in business administration, 30 credits 

EX0808 Självständigt arbete i nationalekonomi (G2E), 15hp 

EX0809 Master’s dissertation - economics (A1E), 15 credits 

EX0810 Independent project in economics (A1E), 30 credits 

EX0811 Independent project in economics (A2E), 30 credits 

EX0812 Självständigt arbete i företagsekonomi (G2E), 15hp 



IN0948 Applied trade and policy analysis, 5 credits 

IN0971 International Food System Analysis, 7.5 credits 

IN0979 Mikroekonomi I, 10hp 

IN0993 Quantitative finance, 15 credits 

JU0026 Miljörätt, 5hp 

JU0032 Juridisk introduktionskurs, 10hp 

JU0037 Tillämpad civilrätt, 5hp 

LB0072 Lantbrukets ekonomi och politik, 5hp 

LB0077 Ekonomagronom - introduktion, 5hp 

MX0041 Kvalitets- och miljöledning, 10hp 

MX0111 Ekonomikandidat - introduktion, 5hp 

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