Doctoral student courses and general syllabuses

Last changed: 02 September 2021

SLU and the Department of economics doctoral programmes offer the opportunity to pursue a research degree in an environment that nurtures and promotes the development of independent research skills in students.

Doctoral Courses

Here you can find information about SLU's Doctoral student courses or visit Uppsala University, Stockholm University and Stockholm Business School for more information regarding their Doctoral courses.


Doctoral education subjects and general syllabuses

NJ Faculty - Economics, students admittet after 1 January 2013

NJ Faculty - Business Administration, students admitted after 15 May 2013

NJ Faculty - Business Studies, students admitted after 1 January 2017

NJ Faculty - Economics, students admittet after 1 December 2018

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Director of studies for the Doctoral Education
Gordana Manevska Tasevska
Department of Economics
E-mail:, +4618-671724, +4673 9235308