Environmental Economics

Last changed: 23 June 2022

The research group for Environmental Economics at the Department of Economics, Ultuna is characterized by interest in and focus on research relevant for environmental policy. 

We have expertise in both micro-and-macro economic theory as well as empirical and microeconometric research. Our main areas of research are policy design and evaluation, behavioral economics, transportation economics, trade and development economics, always in connection with environmental issues. We also research environmental issues with respect to agriculture and forestry. 

We publish in journals such as Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (JEEM), Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (JAERE), Environmental and Resource Economics (ERE), and the European Economic Review.

Examples of recent areas of applied research include

  • Evaluating the impact of Klimatklivet: Current evidence and future design. Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s climate investment support programme (Klimatklivet). 

  • development of a pilot platform for voluntary nutrient trading in the Baltic Sea;
  • biodiversity and the effect of alien invasive species;
  • compliance with Swedish environmental regulations;
  • carnivore management in Sweden;
  • environmental policy and technology adoption;
  • the potential of subsidies to clean-energy research to substitute for carbon emissions taxes;
  • expected developments in non-renewable resource prices;
  • linking consumption patterns, the direction of technological change, and long-run energy demand;
  • policy for a transition to a zero-emissions transport sector in Sweden;
  • econometric analysis of long-run demand for energy-intensive goods.

Read more about the group members, recent publications and ongoing projects below. 

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