Bioform – Sustainable and durable materials for vaccum-formed products in vehicles

Last changed: 25 October 2023

The project aims to investigate and evaluate thermoplastic materials with bio-based additives intended for component manufacturing by vacuum forming to then demonstrate the application of these materials for commercial vehicle applications and quantify the lower climate footprint compared to today's conventional materials for vacuum forming. One of the approaches is that bio-based residual products, such as e.g. lignin from the forest industry, are used as a filler. By developing these new materials and obtaining the necessary knowledge about their properties and processing, the application of these materials to automotive applications is enabled to meet the automotive industry's increased demands for a lower climate footprint. The project is carried out with actors along the entire value chain from material manufacturers via component manufacturers to the end user.


The project is funded by: Vinnova

Duration of the project: 2022-2024

Project Leader: Andreas Åhrlin, Autoform

Other contributors: Thomas Prade, (SLU-BT), Daniel Helgesson, Anna Mattsson, Autoform; Mikael Hedenkvist, Xinfeng Wei, Anton Bjurström, KTH; Stefan Bruder, Lars Jerpdal, Scania; Christoffer Carrick, Thomas Roulin, Lignin Industries