Prorefine - New methods for producing high quality feed locally

Last changed: 02 March 2023
A red clover field with a single clover flower. Photo.

ProRefine is a new research project that aims to gain knowledge about local production of protein feed for monogastric animals in organic farming.

The project will use two approaches to fractionate lucerne and red clover crops to produce different feeds for pigs, poultry and ruminants. 'Leaf stripping' machines are used in the field to remove high-protein leaves and fine stems from the more fibrous stems. The second approach is to use press screw 'juicers' to separate the high-protein juice from the pulp.

Latest news from the project:

"Testing the PremAlfa Mini leaf stripping machine in mixed leys in Sweden"

ProRefine is coordinated by the Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomy Research and financial support for this project is provided by funding bodies within the H2020 ERA-net project, CORE Organic Cofund, and with cofunds from the European Commission.

More information can be found at the project website