SUSWECO – Sustainable weed control in cereals

Last changed: 23 February 2024

The Swedish part of the project is responsible for the task of investigating a system where the underground parts of perennial weeds are cut off with the help of a root cutter (Kverneland Group) and annual weeds are regulated with shallow cultivation and competition from the main crop and intercropped service crops. Experiments are carried out at SLU Lövsta field research station.

Contact: Göran Bergkvist

Collaborators: The Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) (koordinator), NIBIO – Norsk Institutt for Bioøkonomi, RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden AB, Kverneland Group Operations Norway AS, MYHRES Maskinomsetning AS, FELLESKJØPET, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

Project website at funder

Project website at RISE

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