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Last changed: 04 June 2024
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Our aim is to develop a cropping system for cereal production with perennial service crop where a robot carries out all cultivation operations except harvesting. Experiments are carried at SLU Lövsta Field Research station and Bona Egendom.

Contact: Göran Bergkvist

Funder: EIP-agri

Partners: Mats Andersson (Mapro Systems AB), Adam Giertta (Bona Egendom), Per Ståhl (Hushållningssällskapet Östergötland), David Bauner (Archaea), Gunnar Larsson (SLU, Energi och Teknik)

Project website in the funder's database (in Swedish)

More about the project in an article from Landsbygdsnätverket (in Swedish)

More about the project at Archaea's web (in Swedish)

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