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Ecosystem science in an agricultural landscape

SITES logotyp. Illustration.

SITES Röbäcksdalen

SITES is a nationally co-ordinated infrastructure for terrestrial and limnological field research. The network extends throughout Sweden with different ecosystems and climatic zones from agriculture lands, forest, cultivated forest to mires, streams, lakes and alpines.

Röbäcksdalen research station represents an agricultural landscape where animals are included (e.g. manure, leys, pasture). We offer good possibilities for studies of sustanability, effects of climate changes and agroecology in farming systems containing animals.

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SITES water

SITES water is an infrastructure for studies within ecology and bio-geo-chemistry on inland water and how it interacts with the surrounding land and atmosphere. At SITES Röbäcksdalen we sample Degernäsbäcken, a creek that goes through the village Röbäck, our agricultural fields, Umeå airport, and a Natura 2000 area and Vindelälven's biosphere reserve.

A gloved hand holding a sample tube above a creek. Photo.

SITES Spectral

This program concerns adding spectral instruments and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to the SITES network of stations. The data collected will be relevant for investigating a range of processes and properties in the ecosystems, e.g. productivity, light use efficiency and moisture conditions.

A mast with a camera by a field. Photo.


Röbäcksdalen participates in the large, global monitoring projectLifeplan, which vollects biodiversity data from field stations all ove rthe world. The station uses two of the collection methods, flying insects and spores.

A machne mad eof metal with a tent in the background. Photo.
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