SITES spectral

Last changed: 14 September 2023
A logotype for SITES spectral. Illustration.

The SITES Spectral monitoring program captures the seasonal and ion between year variation in the vegetation of different ecosystems. The data is relevant for different processes in the eciosystems, e.g. productivity and light use efficieny.

The SITES spectral  program is focused on a number of different spectral measurements, background data, and some phenological data. We have two masts at Röbäcksdalen, 4 and 10 m high, which continously measure the growth using NDVI sensors. There are also phenological cameras on the masts, which takes a picture every 30 min. In addition, we fly the areas with drones equipped with two different cameras regularly during growth season. From 2020 there will also be manual phenology observations in the fields, where type of crop and growth stage is observed.