Financial support

Last changed: 05 February 2024

TolerantTree supports exchange of scientific staff, development of joint projects or proposals, joint utilisation of existing data and collaborative testing of research ideas and outreach activities.

TolerantTree, will support activities in the Nordic countries which are in line with the TolerantTree mission.

We support four types of activities:

1. Exchange of scientific staff

TolerantTree will support exchange of staff between the Nordic countries, for competence building. Economical support can also be granted for short scientific missions elsewhere when this benefits the forest research community in the Nordic region. Training of, and supporting network building by, doctoral students, post docs and early career researchers is central to TolerantTree. Therefore, applications for these funds from Ph D students and ECRs will be prioritized. 

2. Development of joint projects/proposals

TolerantTree will support Nordic initiatives and/or collaboration in preparation of joint proposals that may also have participants from outside the Nordic region. Support for time, meetings (travel and accommodation) required for planning can be applied for.

3. Joint utilisation of existing data and collaborative testing of research ideas

TolerantTree will support initiatives for compilation and collaborative analyses of existing data from Nordic countries. Funds will be available for organizing meetings (travel and accommodation) required for planning the joint use of existing data. Short-term and minor scale testing of joint, novel research ideas can also be supported by funding e.g. short term visits. Examples of initiatives that ToleratTree may support are meta-analysis of existing data, identification of suitable field trials or materials for hypothesis testing, testing of new methodologies and devices or new data analysing tools.

4. Outreach activities

TolerantTree will support outreach activities such as participation of network researchers in outreach events. Researchers in our organizations can apply for funds to cover e.g. travel costs or generation/purchase of demonstration materials.


How to apply

Researchers and doctoral students in the participating countries can apply for funds.

The application should contain a description of:

  • the intended activity
  • participating researchers
  • a time-plan including time and duration of any exchanges
  • expected outcome and
  • a short motivation why the planned activity is relevant to TolerantTree

(in total maximum one A4 page).

The application should also include:

  • a budget,
  • specifying the funds applied for from TolerantTree,
  • the co-financing (in cash or in kind) and
  • a short budget motivation.

Send your application to The header of the e-mail should state “TolerantTree application for support”. Questions can also be sent to Malin Elfstrand or to the national representatives.

Evaluation of the applications

The TolerantTree steering committee will evaluate, prioritize, and approve applications depending on the funds available. TolerantTree accept applications continuously through the year and normally the applicants can expect a decision within one month from the submission of the application.

Instructions about how to report funds will be given upon approval of applications by the TolerantTree Steering committee, but the general rule is that a brief economic and scientific report should be submitted one month after completion of the activity.

Contact, 018-671579