Last changed: 04 January 2024

The animal genetics laboratory collaborates closely to the Swedish kennel club, SKK, concerning different routine analysis performed on dogs; specific DNA tests, parentage controls and identity controls.

We also do colour test on dogs.

From September 1 2019, the Animal Genetics Laboratory will start using payment in advance for all genetic tests and paternity control.

Payment should be made prior to any service rendered and (goods) delivered.

Please make bank transfer to the following bank account. Note that a payment reference (670 Dog) is mandatory. Please state the name of the dog.

  • Name of account holder: Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet
  • Account number (IBAN): SE92 1200 0000 0128 1011 9104
  • Bank address: Norrmalmstorg 1, 111 46 Stockholm, Sweden

For questions, please contact

Results are primarily sent by e-mail.

DNA profile

A DNA profile may be seen as a genetic id-card and can be used for identification purposes. Note that the DNA profile will not determine the breed of the dog. The DNA profiles are according to the ISAG 2006 standard.

Parentage testing

Parentage testing

Investigations not handled by the Swedish Kennel Club

Inherited diseases

Canine-STGD1 (ABCA4)

Digital hyperkeratosis


  • Irish Setter
  • 825 SEK (inkl VAT)
  • Form for ordering

Retinal dystrofi (night blindness)

  • Briard, Briard/Beagle  
  • 825 SEK (inkl VAT)
  • Form for ordering

Retinis pigmentosa (IFT122)

  • Lapponian herder
  • 825 SEK (inkl VAT)
  • Form for ordering

Copper toxicity (COMMD1/MURR1)

Juvenile cataract

  • Boston terrier 
  • 825 SEK (inkl VAT)
  • Form for ordering

Sensory Ataxic Neuropathy (SAN)


  • Golden retriever
  • 825 SEK (inkl VAT)
  • Form for ordering

Imerslund Gräsbäck syndrom (IGS)

Shar-Pei autoinflammatory disease (SPAID)

For information about sampling for research, please visit

Coat colour

In dogs there are two common types of melanin; eumelanin (black) and pheomelanin (red or yellow). In Labrador and Flat-Coated Retriever dogs   red is bleached to yellow. We can perform tests for gene variants of these colors.

Download form for ordering of coat color tests

Yellow/red analysis

Combined yellow/red and brown 

Melanistic mask

Combined melanistic mask and yellow/red/brown test

  • Note: Em/Em, Em/-, -/-, EE, Ee, ee/ BB, Bb, bb
  • 1600 SEK (inkl VAT)
  • Form for ordering

How to read the results


  Offspring can become:
Genotype of the dog
Black Yellow/red
E/E X  
E/e X X
e/e X X


Combined Yellow/Brown

  Offspring can become:
Genotype of the dog Black Yellow/red Brown
E/E B/B X    
E/E B/b X   X
E/E b/b X   X
E/e B/B X X  
E/e B/b X X X
E/e b/b X X X
e/e B/B X X  
e/e B/b X X X
e/e b/b X X X


Melanistic mask

(dominant trait)


Dog with black mask, can only get offspring with black mask.


Dog with black mask, can get offspring with black mask.

-/- Dog without black mask.


Tomas Bergström, researcher
Department of animal breeding and genetics, SLU, +46(0)18-67 19 97