More about the lab

Last changed: 12 April 2011

The Animal Genetics laboratory provides parental and identity controls for horses and dogs using DNA profiles. We also offer parental controls for pigs by blood typing.

Furthermore we offer DNA-tests for an increasing number of genetic disorders and traits, mainly for horses and dogs.

In parallell with these activities intense research is going on, aiming to reveal the background of several genetic disorders and traits. A disease can be caused by one or several mutated genes, but environmental factors can also be involved. Until now there are DNA-tests for a number of monogenic diseases, i. e. a disease caused by one single gene. In the future we will, hopefully, be able to decide if an individual is pre-disposed (or protected) towards a certain disease. 

To find these disease causing genes, we need access to samples from affected individuals. By using the laboratory's samples in research and thereby be able to develop new genetic tests the close connection between the Animal Genetics Laboratory and research benefits all.  
We do also collect samples for specific research projects. You can read more about this under research.