Good Possibilities to Select for Against Fearfulness in Rough Collies.

Last changed: 03 September 2014

P. Arvelius, H. Eken Asp, W.F. Fikse, E. Strandberg och K. Nilsson.

Fear-related problems are common among Swedish Rough Collies. Genetic analyses were performed on 4 composite behavioral traits based on 2953 Rough Collie results from a temperament test, the so-called Dog Mentality Assessment (DMA). Heritabilities ranged from 0.13-0.25. Validation of the test was done using a dog owner questionnaire, which generated information about everyday life behavior for 1738 Rough Collies. There were high and significant genetic correlations between traits measured in the test, and the everyday life behavior of the dogs as described by the owners. For instance, Curiosity/fearlessness in the DMA-test was negatively genetically correlated with Nonsocial fear in the questionnaire (-0.70, SE 0.10). We conclude that data from the DMA-test is possible to use for selection to decrease everyday life fearfulness in the Swedish Rough Collie population. 

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