About the Department

Last changed: 15 May 2020

At the Department of Forest Economics both education and research are important parts of the activities.

Further, the Department has the editorial responsiblity for the Journal of Forest Economics. 

The Department is also an active partner in CERE. The secretariat of the Forest Bioeconomy Network, ForBioeconomy, an EFI research network is also placed at the Department.


The Department is responsible for teaching, both undergraduate and master level within the Forestry Master program as well as PhD level. Main teaching is forthmost within economics, business administration and forest policy. Each year the Department is responsible for supervising a number of bachelor and master student thesis.

The Department has a wide variety of PhD (and master) courses. Some courses are offered every year wihile others are offered every other year, or on demand. For more information, see PhD education.


Research within the Department is directed at economics, forest economics and forest policy. A major part is devoted to traditional forest management problems, that is questions related to how to best perform forest management to derive the best economic output. Other areas of importance is valuation of non-market priced goods (like wildlife, game or environment). A third area deals with the role of forests in the national and international economy, and where a particular research niche area consists of forest policy. For more information, see Research.



Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics is a inter-disciplinary reserach centre within environmental and natural resource economics. CERE is a collaboration between SLU and Umeå University. More information is found on the CERE webpage


The Forest Bioeconomy Network is an EFI (European Forest Institute) research network in bioeconomy with a focus on forests. ForBioeconomy facilitate collaboration, organize activities and collect knowledge within bioeconomy and forests. The network is open for new members who will contribute with time, knowledge or funds. Coordinator is Camilla Widmark, camilla.widmark@efi.int and communication officer is Mona Bonta Bergman, mona.bonta.bergman@efi.int. 

Journal of Forest Economics (JFE)

The journal was found by late prof. Sören Wibe in 1995. The journal publishes four numbers each year and is published by Now Publishers. The journal is a strong contributing factor to an extensive collaboration between the Department and forest economists all over the world. The editors for the journal is Prof. Runar Brännlund (Umeå University) and Prof. Peichen Gong (SLU).