Last changed: 02 January 2017

The University is certified by ISO 14001.

Environmental certification means that the organisation constantly evaluates its activities for a better environment in the future, by fullfilling the demand of the ISO 14001 certification. These demands are defined by the global standardisation organisation ISO. 

Environmental Certification at the Forestry Faculty

All organisations at SLU was certified in 2016, wich means that the Department also became part of SLU Umeå's certificate. This means that the Department considers the University and Faculty environmental goals when planning its activities. 

What does the certification mean to us?

In practice, the certification means that the Department is constantly considering improvments to reduce negative environmental impact. This may imply for instance to reduce paper use, consider environemntal consequences when purchasing inventories, and to consider the environment when travelling and consider to make "IT-travel" when possible. 

Teaching at the Department is also naturally connected to sustainable development and consider environmental impact when discussing sustainable natural resource management.