Last changed: 29 May 2023

The Department partake in many different collaboration and networks nationally and internationally. Below we list a few, learn more about them by following the links.

Most of the staff is linked to the Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics, a research centre between the Department and Economics at the Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics at Umeå University.

The European Forest Institute, EFI have a number of research networks, one of them: Forest Bioeconomy Network, ForBioeconomy is run by Department on behalf of SLU.

The scientific Journal of Forest Economics was founded by, what can be described as a legend within the Department, Sören Wibe in 1994. The editorial work still emanates from the Department.

The UN forest vision is a world where all types of forests are sustainable managed, contribute to sustainable development and provide economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits for present and future generations. The joint UNECE and FAO (UN Economic Commission for Europe/ Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN) Forestry and Timber Section supports developing evidence-based policies for sustainable forest management. The UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Forest Products and Wood Energy Statistics was created to: advise and support work on forest products statistics; suggest and support proposals for increasing the reliability and visibility of forest products statistics; and, advise on implementation of data, monitoring, reporting and assessment relating to forest products statistics. The Team is led by the Department’s Francisco X Aguilar. 

Read more about the different projects that the Department is part of.