The PerForm Project

Last changed: 27 March 2019

SLU is a partner in this European cooperation network supported by the European Forest Institute. The project consists of an international team of social scientists investigating societal perceptions of the forest-based Bioeconomy.

Learn more on the project international web. 

Three students, all at the end of their respective programs are doing a master's thesis (2018-2019) as a part of the project:

Hanna BernöEmil Nagy and Carolina Berg Rustas.

Carolina Berg Rustas and Emil Nagy. Photo: Roger Herbert.
The students collecting data for the project, December 16, 2018. Photo: Roger Herbert
Carolina Berg Rustas with respondents on December 16, 2018.
Students collecting data for the project, December 16, 2018.
Alla studenter.jpg
Hanna Bernö, Emil Nagy and Carolina Berg Rustas. Photo: Carolina Berg Rustas, SLU and Ida Larsson.

What's happening in the project? 

Do IKEA shoppers prefer wooden buildings? a status report from the students. 

Below: Photos from a workshop held March 14-15 where both researchers and students attended.  


Two researchers are also part of the project: Sara Holmgren, researcher and Cecilia Mark-Herbert researcher and thesis supervisor. 

If you want to know more about the project or participate in future research projects connected to consumers perceptions about forest bioeconomy, please make contact with one of us.

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