Contact information

Last changed: 02 January 2017

Adress and phone

Postal adress: Department of Forest Economics, SLU, SE-901 83 Umeå.

Visting adress: Skogsmarksgränd, Umeå

Phone: +46 90 786 83 31


Department leadership


Position Name Phone
Head of Department Bengt Kriström

090 786 52 19

Vice head of Department Camilla Widmark 090 786 85 96

Responsible for PhD education

Göran Bostedt 090 786 50 27

Responsible for undergraduate education 

Peichen Gong 090 786 84 92

Curator, accounting

Monica Phillips 090 786 83 31


You find us at two locations within the university campus area:

Co-workers working within the forest economics (including forest policy) group is located in the SLU building, at level three close to the restaurant, in the eastern part of the campus area.

Co-workers who work mainly within CERE is located in the Social Sciences building at Umeå University. 

Map Campus area