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Research at KV

The department's goal is to conduct high-quality clinical veterinary research.

Subject areas

The department's activities are divided into 13 different subjects
where the goal is to conduct high-quality clinical veterinary research.
A description of all subjects and research can be found in alphabetical order below.



Anesthesiology is the study of anesthesia and various anesthetic methods and anesthesia and intensive care is a relatively young specialty.


Diagnostic Imaging

The core of the subject veterinary imaging is knowledge of and understanding of the imaging methods


Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary nursing ncludes nursing and care planning for various illnesses, rehabilitation and aftercare

Animal welfare

Porcine and Poultry Medicine

The subject includes propaedeutics, medicine and surgery on pig and has teaching responsibility for propaedeutics and medicine for poultry.


Equine Medicine

Equine medicine covers a number of diseases and conditions in equidae that make their owners feel that the animal is not functioning normally.

Horse medical

Ruminant Medicine

Discipline that focuses on teaching and research comprehensive identification, treatment and prophylaxis of diseases.

Cow at KV

Clinical Pathology

Clinical pathology laboratory diagnostics are used to diagnose diseases and increase knowledge about the pathogenesis of various diseases.


Comparative Medicine

Experimental medicine using animal models for translational and biomedical research for increased biological and medical knowledge.

white rabbit

Veterinary epidemiology

How veterinary medicine can be used to prevent disease and other disorders and thereby promote animal and human health, welfare and well-being.


Small Animal Surgery

Prevent, diagnose, cure or alleviate diseases through surgery of a patient


Small Animal Medicine

Clinical issues concerning pets, which include several species of animals but mainly dogs and cats


Large Animal Surgery

Surgical treatments on horses and pigs, as well as the large and small ruminants


Domestic Animal Reproduction

The subject covers various aspects of the reproduction of domesticated animals and wild animals.


Research projects

Research news

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