Domestic Animal Reproduction

Last changed: 23 May 2022


Domestic animal reproduction encompasses various aspects of the repro-duc¬tion of domestic animals and contains several sub-subjects

We research and/or teach in, such as andrology, gynaecology (including infec­tions and metabolic disorders), obstetrics, udder diseases, reproductive endocrinology and reproductive toxicology.


Current research

In terms of research, the most central is andrology, gynaecology (including infections and metabolic disorders), reproductive toxicology and reproduc­tive endocrinology. We are researching both in vitro and in vivo reproduc­tion, and on the herd level and population level. Successful research focuses primarily on gynaecological problems in farm animals associated with to nutrition and infections, as well as the causes of osteoporosis. All of the above-mentioned focuses are aimed at preventing rather than curing, thus reducing the need for the usage of antibiotics. Another successful focus is wildlife and environ­mental research related to reproduction. In many ways, the research is closely related to the field of veterinary reproductive biotechnology. We have a very broad international/global approach in our research issues, as well as in our staffing. Similarly, the involvement in research and residency courses and programmes is strong (four of our academic personnel hold European diplomas).

Research concerning agricultural animals is strongly linked to SLU's priority research area "1. Sustainability and secure food supply." Furthermore, the research directly focuses on several of the faculty's priority areas for research: "Reduced usage of antimicrobial agents via strengthening One Health; Upholding and protecting SLU's position in the field of wildlife research; Continued and expanded international cooperation in research and education focusing on low-wage countries; Creation of long-term sustainable systems for livestock production." Naturally, the research in the subject also relates to the very generalised "priorities" - Research for the benefit of animals themselves (Animal Welfare), Research concerning complex diseases and the development of system biology, due to that animal reproduction is a clinical subject.

Research domestic animal reproduction