Porcine and Poultry Medicine

Last changed: 21 November 2023

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Description of the field

The subject includes propedeutics, medicine and surgery in both pigs and poultry. This includes knowledge of medical diseases such as metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, hereditary diseases, zoonotic diseases, and intoxications.

Preventive animal health care is also an essential component.

Current research

  • Infectious diseases

Covering various aspects of disease etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, transmission, treatment and prophylaxis.

European collaborations

Research is also conducted in collaboration with other European countries, and in the form of aid projects in the areas of infectious diseases and herd health management. Collaboration with other competencies within and outside SLU is a necessary condition for all this research.

"Sustainable and secure food supply"

A large part of this research falls under "sustainable and safe food supply" with the aim of actively contributing to the national food strategy.

Good animal health is necessary to strengthen the competitiveness of domestic animal production and to ensure a sustainable food supply.

For better animal welfare

Knowledge about animal diseases, as well as about food-borne bacteria, is necessary to ensure food safety, but also for the sake of the animals. 

Good animal health, animal welfare and low antibiotic consumption are three important aspects. So is preventing the spread of infection, improving diagnostics and identifying mechanisms that influence the onset of disease.

A strong competence exists in disease diagnostics and preventive animal health care, which is part of "Precision Livestock Farming".

Research porcine and poultry medicine


Magdalena Jacobson
Professor at the Department of Clinical Sciences; Swine and Poultry Medicine Unit

Telephone: 018-671475
E-mail: magdalena.jacobson@slu.se