Clinical Pathology

Last changed: 21 November 2023

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Description of the field

Clinical chemistry laboratory diagnostics are used to diagnose diseases and increase knowledge of the pathogenesis of various diseases. Sub-areas are hematology, endocrinology, clinical chemistry and cytology, and quality assurance/method development/validation of clinical chemical diagnostics. Clinical chemistry has teaching for both veterinary nursing students (years 1 and 2) and veterinary students (years 4 and 5). Clinical Chemistry has an active residency program (ECVCP) together with the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory, UDS.

Current research

Current research focuses on diagnostic methods that are clinically relevant to veterinary medicine. Current research areas are:

  • Diabetes in cats
  • Diagnostic biomarkers in canine urine samples
  • Circulating biomarkers for heart disease in cats
  • Diagnostic biomarkers in reproductive endocrinology
  • Effect of glucocorticoids on clinical chemistry variables

Clinical Chemistry SLU also has an important function in developing/evaluating new methods, as well as reviewing methods used in clinical chemical diagnostics.

Research clinical pathology

Head of Subject

Inger Lilliehöök

Professor at the Department of Clinical Sciences; Clinical Pathology Unit                                    

Telephone: 018-671616