Clinical Pathology

Last changed: 04 January 2023

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Clinical Pathology is used to diagnose diseases and increase the knowledge of pathogenesis in various diseases.

The sub-areas include haematology, endocrinology, clinical chemistry and cytology, as well as quality assurance/method development/validation of diagnostics used in clinical pathology.


Current research

Our current research focuses on diagnostic methods that are clinically relevant to animal health care. Current research areas include:

  • Interference in antibody-based assays
  • Circulating biomarkers for heart disease in cats
  • IGF-I and diabetes in cats
  • Inflammatory markers in dogs
  • Biomarkers in reproductive endocrinology
  • Improved diagnostic methods for haematology and urinanalysis
  • Effect of glucocorticoids and endotoxin on clinical pathological variables.

Clinical Pathology SLU also has an important function with the develop­ment/ evaluation of new methods and examining the methods used in clinical patho­logical diagnostics.

Research clinical pathology

Head of Subject

Inger Lilliehöök

Professor at the Department of Clinical Sciences; Clinical Pathology Unit                                    

Telephone: 018-671616