Large Animal Surgery

Last changed: 24 November 2023


Description of the field

Large animal surgery includes indicated and relevant surgical treatments on horses and pigs, as well as the common large and small ruminants in Sweden in connection with clinical activities, education, and research and method development. The goal of surgical treatment is to restore or optimize biological function and minimize potential suffering. Alternatively, the goal may be to modify behavior and/or normal function, such as castration and dehorning.

Subspecialties such as ophthalmology and dentistry exist, but essentially the subject is traditionally divided into soft tissue surgery and orthopaedic surgery. Intensive care, immobilization and pain control and infections requiring surgical intervention are also important areas included. There is an international specialist training program in surgery within the European College of Veterinary Surgery (specializing in Large Animal Surgery and Equine Surgery). There are also international specialist programs in ophthalmology and dentistry but both are mainly focused on small animals. 

Current research

  • Dental and oral health disorders
  • Hoof diseases
  • Eye diseases
  • Surgical methods for routine procedures such as castration
  • Wound cleaning, wound healing and wound healing complications
  • Prophylaxis, treatment and convalescence related to orthopaedic disorders

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