Equine Medicine

Last changed: 04 January 2023


Equine medicine, encompasses the wide range of problems horse owners observe or perceive in their animals as not functioning normally, or exhibiting signs of illness.

This includes even those apparently clinically normal but that failure to per­form expected work or show behavioural changes. Sub areas are not officially recognized. However, equine cardiology, dermatology neurology and ophthalmo­logy are clearly identified activities demanded of European specialists (ECEIM).

The discipline of equine internal medicine at SLU is aimed at providing the strongest evidence based clinical expertise in equine medicine for this country. As well, it provides mentorship and guidance for postgraduate training and research in relevant to equine medicine.


Current research 

Our hypothesis based clinical research activities include infectious diseases such low virulence equine respiratory viruses and relationship to athletic performance as well as pathobiology of bacterial infections by Streptococcus equi versus S. zooepi­demicus, and silent carriers of S. equi. Other activities include metabolic and car­diac diseases in the horse, as well as equine asthma.

Research equine medicine