Cells for Life Platform

Last changed: 18 December 2017

Cells for Life is a state-of-the-art facility for the study of reproductive cells and infections in Uppsala. The platform is supported by the Infrastructure committee at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the Center for Reproduction in Uppsala

The facility encompasses interacting units for cell culture (tissue culture and in vitro production/in vitro fertilization of embryos [IVP/ IVF]) in specially modified laboratories with filtered air systems, cell analysis (flow cytometry), cell selection (flow cytometry [FACS], magnetic activated cell sorting [MACS], colloid centrifugation), host/pathogen interactions, and cell storage (a cryobank). This platform presents a unique opportunity to nest common facilities and run collaborative projects between teams in human and veterinary medicine. This infrastructure allows us to offer resources for the study of reproductive health in both humans and domestic animals.

For further details and booking, please contact the following personnel:

Flow cytometry: Anders Johannisson, 018-672140, anders.johannisson@slu.se

IVF facility (cattle, pigs, cats, sheep): Ylva Sjunnesson, 018-672174, ylva.sjunnesson@slu.se

Cell culture facility: Yongzhi Guo, 018-671673, yongzhi.guo@slu.se

Cell infections: Sara Hägglund, 018-671891, sara.hagglund@slu.se


Jane Morrell
Professor at the Department of Clinical Sciences; Division of Reproduction

Telephone: 018-671152
E-mail: jane.morrell@slu.se