Former Task Force presentations

Last changed: 02 September 2021

Summary of presentations given at the Department conference at Skåvsjöholm

Summary of presentions given at the summer lunch.


Task force topic - Innovative and Vibrant Research 

Participants: Anna Lindblom Eriksson; Assem Abouhatab; Efthymia Kyriakopoulou; Gordana Manevska-Tasevska; Jen Rommel; Katarina Labajova.

Task force topic - Alumni

Participants: George Marbuah, Franklin Amuakwa Mensah, Mikaela Lönn, Emma Arias Olsson, Abenezer Zeleke Aklilu

Task force topic - How to manage the ‘support of vibrant research culture’ –organizational perspectives 

Participants: Per-Anders Langendahl, Richard Ferguson

Task force topic - Academic Identity

Participants: Annie Roos, Hanna Astner, Sören Höjgård, Jerker Nilsson

Task force topic - “Ideas and suggestions for how to strengthen the/a PhD focus” 

Participants: Helena Hansson, Chrysoula Morfi, Wondmagegn Tafesse Tirkaso, Tobias Häggmark Svensson, Katalin Simon, Nina Lind, Katarina Labajova, Sandra Nordmark

Task force topic - “Ideas and suggestions for the pursuit to secure larger and more stable funding”

Participants: Anna Lindblom Eriksson and Assem Abu Hatab

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