Task force topic - Innovative and Vibrant Research

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MINUTES of the discussion from the last Department meeting 2018-02-14

Discussion topic: Innovative and Vibrant Research -Task force topics

Task 2: Ideas and suggestions for recruitment and strengthened cooperation with academic partners


Participants: Anna Lindblom Eriksson; Assem Abouhatab; Efthymia Kyriakopoulou; Gordana Manevska-Tasevska; Jen Rommel; Katarina Labajova.



1)      Seminar series with invited experts: at least 5 per year, one for each group; (how often, duration… to be discussed further)

2)      Seminar series for PhD students “Junior seminar series”: presenters arePhD students from the department and other universities in Sweden;

3)      Lunch seminars: everybody brings own lunch.

4)      How to encourage participation?

5)      How to advertise events to other academic institutions;

6)      Increase the utilisation of our existing network (nationally/internationally): for possible cooperation for invited lectures, seminars, applications for funding, joint papers.

7)      EAAE seminar: ongoing

8)      EAAE PhD workshop: ongoing

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