Emissions from tractors and construction equipment

Last changed: 07 June 2011

Our research strive to evaluate the effectiveness of various measures to reduce emissions from tractors and large mobile machinery.


Mobile machinery (such as tractors) used in agriculture and forests emit about 1 200 000 ton of CO2 each year; together with other large non road mobile machinery (NRMM) they emit about 2 800 000 ton CO2 [1] . Agricultural machinery also emits 2 600  ton of CO (5 900 ton if all NRMM are included), 1 000 (2 200) ton of HC, 9 700 (23 700) ton of NOX and 470 (1 020) ton of particulate matter.

In total Sweden emits about 64 000 000 ton CO2-equivialents (that also includes other greenhouse gases, however, greenhouse gas emissions from NRMM are almost exclusively CO2), 154 000 ton NOX och 174 000 ton flyktiga organiska ämnen (vari HC ingår). Emissions from NRMM constitute such a large fraction of the total emissions that it is imperative to investigate what can be done to reduce the emissions (further reading)