Last changed: 07 September 2021

The Department is involved in undergraduate education in several ways. Both in the programs Forest Sciences (BSc) and Forestry as well as courses on PhD education level within the Forest Faculty as well as in a masterprogram with environmental profiling at the Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics.

Within the Forest Sciences (BSc) and Forest science (MSc) program, the Department partake in the undergraduate education foremost within four areas; Economics, Business administration and Forest policy (Umeå) and Forest industrial economis (Uppsala). In addition, it is possible to take a master i Forest industrial economis with focus on forest value chains from a business economics perspective. 

Environmental and resource economics is a strong research area at the Department, mostly through CERE (Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics). A centre between this Department and Economics at Umeå University. It is also possible to do a master with an environmental economics profile at Umeå University. 

When it comes to graduate education, there is a great deal of collaboration between Umeå University within CERE but also the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies, SLU within ECOS. Several courses are given each year for a wide international base. 


Responsible for under graduate education 

Camilla Widmark,, +46907868596, +46702929018

Responsible for undergraduate education within Forest industrial economics in Uppsala

Anders Lindhagen,, +46(0)18-673 840, +46(0)70-211 5268

Responsible for graduate education

Chandra Kiran Krishnamurthy,