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For horses The Animal Genetics Laboratory mainly carries out parentage controls. There are also specific tests for defects and coat colours as well as performance traits (Synchrogait).

For large amounts of samples - please contact the lab!

From September 1 2019, the Animal Genetics Laboratory will start using payment in advance for all genetic test and paternity control. 

Payment should be made prior to any service rendered and goods delivered.

Please make bank transfer to the following bank account. Note that a payment reference (670 Horse) is mandatory. Please state the name of the animal. 

  • Name of account holder: Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet
  • Account number (IBAN): SE92 1200 0000 0128 1011 9104
  • Bank address: Norrmalmstorg 1, 111 46 Stockholm, Sweden

For questions, please contact

How to proceed

1. Order a sampling kit by filling out the form or e-mail

2. Fill out the form, preferably directly in the pdf-file or by hand on the printed version. Horses that will be registered in ASVH or SIF do not need this form to accompany the DNA sample. Please follow the instruction from the registry of your breed in this matter.

3. Take the hair samples as directed in the document 'Instructions for sampling hair for DNA-typing'.
Incorrectly fitted samples entail extra work load and will be charged with an additional cost.

4. Send samples and signed forms to: Animal Genetics Laboratory, SLU, P O Box 7023, SE-750 07 Uppsala, SWEDEN.

Normal turnaround time is about 10-15 days after sample arrival at the Animal Genetics Laboratory.

Parentage testing

Read more about parentage testing

DNA-typing (parentage testing)

  • 825 SEK (incl VAT)

Copies, complements, incorrect attached samples etc

  • 250 SEK (incl VAT)

Inherited diseases

Order sample material


We offer genetic analysis of following diseases:

All prices incl VAT

Skeletal Atavism™ - 2000 SEK

  • In combination with parental control

Skeletal Atavism™ - 1500 SEK

  • Horse with identity verified by chip

SCID - 1000 SEK

  • Identity or parental control included (Arabian horses)

CA - 1000 SEK

  • Identity or parental control included (Arabian horses)

SCID and CA - 1125 SEK

  • Identity or parental control included (Arabian horses)

OLWS - 825 SEK

Myotoni - 825 SEK

HWSD (Hoof wall separation disease)- 825 SEK

PSSM (Polysaccharide storage myopathy) - 1075 SEK

MCOA - 825 SEK

HYPP (Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis)- 825 SEK

Copies, complements, incorrect attached samples etc - 250 SEK  


SCID- and CA-analysis will only be performed together with identity or parental control.

Please contact the laboratory if you are looking for a test not listed here.

Performance testing

What is Synchrogait?

SynchroGait is a diagnostic DNA test. It is based on a research project in which we identified a gene variant that has a major impact on the gait and coordination of horses. This exciting discovery is the first of its kind and has been published in Nature, a well-respected scientific journal. The SynchroGait test enables you to identify one of the most important genetic factors that affects the performance of a trotting horse and that is permissive for alternative gaits, such as pacing in Icelandic horses.

More information about SynchroGait

Test Synchrogait ®

  • 3625 kr (incl VAT)
  • Identity control included

Copies, complements, incorrect attached samples - 250 SEK (incl VAT)


Order sample material

5% discount for ASVT and Sleipner members

To benefit from the discount, enter your membership number as other information in the order form.

Coat colour

We offer the following tests for coat colour:

All prices incl VAT


Order sample material


  • 575 SEK


  • 575 SEK


  • 575 SEK

50% discount if you order two or more of the above colour tests


  • Please see Inherited diseases - MCOA

Toniano, Splashed white

  • 575 SEK

True roan

  • 825 SEK
  • Please attach a photo (colour) of the horse, a hair sample from at least one parent and a pedigree showing three generations including information about colour and signs of all individuals.


  • 575 SEK

Copies, complements, incorrect attached samples etc

  • 250 SEK


Animal Genetics Laboratory, SLU  +46(0)18-67 28 04
Phone hours: mon-fri 10-11 am

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