WP 3 – Development and test of decision support tools

Last changed: 29 November 2021

Logging is today a hi-tech industry that relies much on consulting services based on advanced support tools. Work Package 3 is addressing this topic.

This project aims to increase the ability of public and private actors (forest agencies, forest owners’ organizations, forest advisory organizations, and large forest companies) who provide consulting services to owners of small forest holdings to identify suitable areas for harvest of logging residues and small trees, and to produce profitable and environment-friendly harvest plans conditional on site-specific circumstances. This is achieved by providing the relevant target groups (organizations which provide consulting services) with user-friendly decision support tools for planning the harvest of logging residues and biomass recovery at early thinning. The decision support tools will also enable large forest companies with their own forest management planning capacity to improve their capacity to harvest and logistics planning concerning logging residues an small tree cut at early thinning. 

Decision Support Tool

Please follow the Installation Instructions to download and install the Decision Support Tool. The User Guide explains how you can run the tool. Questions and comments/suggestions can be send to wenchao.zhou@slu.se

Download the Decision Support Tool