WP 4 – Development of a GIS platform and database

Last changed: 19 November 2021
Forest Energy Atlas

Another part of the hi-tech forest industry is the Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a system which need ground work for adaptation and is what Work Package 4 will focus on.

This project has the goal of develop an open-access Internet-based tool for assessing spatially-explicit harvesting potentials of energy wood. In order to do this there are three sub-objectives:

  1. Develop a GIS platform that enables users to explore spatially-explicit energy wood potential.
  2. Compile the potentials from national sources into a database
  3. Develop a training program and handbook for the users

Forest Energy Atlas is now open – check out the new tool for forest biomass users.

Natural Resources Institute Finland, which is one of the partners in Baltic ForBio project, organised a webinar to introduce Forest Energy Atlas for Finnish stakeholders and potential users. Training events in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are on their way, but the tool can be already tested online. The online tool is open in forest-energy-atlas.luke.fi

Forest Energy Atlas is a GIS platform that enables users to explore spatially-explicit energy wood potential. It collects together the harvesting potential of energy wood in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This information is especially helpful for stakeholders that are interested in availability of energy wood for bioenergy development projects.

In Forest Energy Atlas the user can first choose the assortment the user wants to know about, and then define the area where the harvesting potential information is needed from. Different countries have different assortments where to choose from since the background data available varies from country to another. User guide is integrated to Forest Energy Atlas to help new users to get the most out of the tool. In any Forest Energy Atlas related feedback or questions please send an email to fea@luke.fi - Baltic ForBio project group is happy to help new users to get to know the tool!

Download the Forest Energy Atlas User Guide (in English)

Download the Forest Energy Atlas report on training activities and training assessment (in English)