Price list

Last changed: 15 November 2023

Price list (excl. VAT)

Transportation (round trip)

=> 0-3 miles: no charge

=> 3-8 miles: 850 kr

=> 8-10 miles: 1700 SEK

Examination and treatment (including euthanasia, autopsy and destruction)

No charge if the animal is euthanized and all examinations and treatments are carried out on the clinic's initiative.

If the animal is treated and returned to the owner:


Flea surgery and similar procedures: 2500-2700 SEK
Adult cattle: Examination and treatment without surgery: 800-2200 SEK
Calves: Examination and treatment without surgery: 500-2200 SEK

Sheep and goats

Examination and treatment without surgery: 500-1100 SEK
Caesarean section and similar interventions: max 1000-1200 SEK
Normal castration of rams/goats: 550-650 SEK

Analyses on the animal owner's initiative are paid for by the animal owner if they are not deemed to have great educational value.

The animal owner receives a summary animal owner letter sent home when the final answer has come, this can take 2-3 weeks (sometimes longer when the final answer from the autopsy is pending). Referring veterinarian receives a copy.