Mikael Lundbäck

Last changed: 24 August 2022

Roadmap for teleoperation and automation of forwarding (2022)

The overall aim of my PhD project is to gather and analyse information of methods and systems for harvesting of roundwood for industrial use internationally, and to apply this knowledge in the Swedish context to find better techniques and methods for the harvesting of the future. The work has resulted in a study of ‘Worldwide trends of harvesting methods and reasons behind’ supported by another study named ‘Global analysis of the slope of forest land’. In the second half of the project, Sweden is in focus with simulations and analyses of a forwarder concept called ‘Tele-extraction’ that explores the theoretical potentials of part-time tele-operation and full automation.


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Name: Mikael Lundbäck
Born: 1985
Degree: Master's Degree (2010) Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Umeå.
Collaborative company: Komatsu Forest 
Supervisor: Tomas Nordfjell
Co-supervisor: Carola Häggström and Dag Fjeld
Project started: 2017-09-01
Scheduled dissertation: Early 2022
Other: After graduating in 2010, Mikael worked with real estate valuation for about 7 years.
Thesis: https://pub.epsilon.slu.se/27574/