Research at the Department of Molecular Sciences

Last changed: 18 September 2023

At the Department of Molecular Sciences, we conduct research in the fields of chemistry, molecular biology, food science and microbiology.

Our research is often performed in collaboration with industrial partners and has resulted in several innovations, patents and tech companies.

Chemistry and Biotechnology

We conduct research and education in the fields of inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, natural products chemistry, molecular biogeochemistry and molecular biology.


Food Science Technology

We study the biochemical and nutritional composition of foods of animal and plant origin, and relationships between composition, structure and properties of different foods. The link between food and health, and studies of bioactive compounds in foods play an increasingly important role in our research. Method development and quality assurance for sample preparation and biochemical analyses are important components to allow studies of how various processes affect a specific food and its properties.


Our microbial research spans a broad range of biotechnical applications, such as production of biofuels, biopreservation, food fermentations, microbial feed production for aquaculture, biological control, probiotics, novel antibiotics, degradation of pollutants and enzyme discovery. In this work we have also competence in regard to formulation as well as safety assessment and regulations.