The Plant Catabolism Laboratory

Last changed: 06 May 2021

We are interested in the mechanisms and function of catabolic processes during plant development, aging and stress response at the molecular, cellular and organismal levels.

Our research is funded by the SLU, the VR, the Formas, the Swedish Strategic Foundation, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, the Olle Engkvist Foundation, and the Carl Tryggers Foundation.

Research and publications

Dr. Peter Bozhkov, Professor

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Dr. Elena Minina, Associate Professor

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Dr. Kerstin Dalman, research engineer

Dr. Adrian Dauphinee, postdoc

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Pernilla Elander, PhD student

Sanjana Holla, PhD student


Zou Young, postdoc

We are looking for a student for a Master Project! (Nov 2020)

Dr. Glenn Hicks, The August T Larsson Guest Researcher 

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Dr. Anna Åsman, postdoc

Dr. Anna Maria Eisele, postdoc


Dr. Tomas Linder, Researcher

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Dr. Catarina Cardoso
Dr. Lada Filonova
Dr. Kazutake Fukada
Dr. Anna Golovko
Dr. Emilio Gutierrez-Beltran
Dr. Panagiotis Moschou
Prashanth Ramachandran
Dr. Salim Hossain Reza
Dr. Eugene Savenkov
Dr. Maria Fernanda Suarez
Dr. Budhi Sagar Tiwari
Dr. Victoria Sanchez Vera
Dr. Andrey Zamyatnin
Dr. Viktoria Zamyatnina

Selected recent publications

AN DauphineeC CardosoK DalmanJA OhlssonS Berglund FickS RobertGR HicksPV BozhkovEA Minina (2019) Chemical screening pipeline for identification of specific plant autophagy modulators. Plant Physiol. 2019 Nov;181(3):855-866.

Elander PH, Minina EA, and Bozhkov PV (2018) Autophagy in turnover of lipid stores: trans-kingdom comparison. J Exp Bot 69, 1301-1311. 

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Üstün S, Hafrén A, Liu Q, Marshall RS, Minina EA, Bozhkov PV, Vierstra RD, Hofius D (2018) Bacteria exploit autophagy for proteasome degradation and enhanced virulence in plants. Plant Cell 30, 668-685

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Gutierrez-Beltran E, Moschou PN, Smertenko AP and Bozhkov PV (2015) Tudor Staphylococcal Nuclease Links Formation of Stress Granules and Processing Bodies with mRNA Catabolism in Arabidopsis.  Plant Cell 27: 926-943.

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Moschou PN, Smertenko AP, Fukada K, Savenkov EI, Minina EA, Robert S, Hussey PJ and Bozhkov PV (2013) The Caspase-Related Protease Separase (EXTRA SPINDLE POLES) Regulates Cell Polarity and Cytokinesis in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 25: 2171-2186
Minina EA, Sanchez-Vera V, Moschou PN, Suarez MF, Sundberg E, Weih M and Bozhkov PV (2013) Autophagy mediates caloric restriction-induced lifespan extension in Arabidopsis. Aging Cell 12: 327-329

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