Undergraduate education at the Department of Molecular Sciences

Last changed: 07 September 2023

At the Department, we provide courses on both basic and advanced level. We also coordinate the program Agronomy - Food.

In the basic knowledge in chemistry, molecular biology and microbiology lays the foundation for later courses in the education. Our courses in food science are given at both basic and advanced level. Our courses are primarily given to students in the agronomy programs (Food and Soil/Plant), the Master's degree program "Energy systems" and the Bachelor programs "Biology" and "Environment", but can also be taken as independent courses.

Independent work / thesis work

At our department you can do Bachelor’s or Master's thesis work in applied as well as in basic research subjects. 

Read more about available projects here: thesis projects


Our courses

Current courses (academic year 2022/2023)

* indicates that another department at SLU is responsible for the course and that teacher(s) from the Dept. of Molecular Science participate.



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Su-lin Hedén (Leong)

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Molecular Sciences

Anders Sandström

Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Molecular Sciences
Anders.Sandstrom@slu.se, +4618673463